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November 24, 2021

Michael Cottam SEO Consultant

Michael Cottam, Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Professionally, Michael is a recognized international expert in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). He is an Associate at Moz, one of the premier search engine platforms, and has spoken and presented on professional panels at may industry events.   In his view, search engine marketing does not require hiring an expensive consultant.  His training, tailored to your business and your market, helps small business owners improve their own websites with simple and logical steps.  What worked great a year ago might not work so well today – in fact, it might even get your business penalized by the search engines.

Learn more about Michael and search engine optimization through the Rotary Business Network at:

Obaid ur Rehman

Obaid ur Rehman

My name is Obaid ur Rehman and I’m a Professional Web Developer and Digital Marketing Expert. Active member of the Rotary Club of the State of Jefferson serving as Webmaster of the Rotary Business Network.

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