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nonprofit podcast network
nonprofit podcast network
true-stories-from-the-fieldnonprofit podcast networknonprofit podcast network
Rotary Club: E-Club State of Jefferson
Phone: 541-236-5353
1224 NE Walnut St, Roseburg, OR, USA

True Stories From The Field.

Everyone has a story to tell and that story is magic. It can inspire, educate, motivate. It can find sponsors, build a team and raise money. True stories from the field can be as exciting as a crime drama and as compelling as a radio show. People, sounds, and stories that bring the show to life. These are riveting, moving and inspiring stories that will stick with you long after you listen.

We are a cooperative of podcast storytellers that travel the world telling the stories of people who are helping people but with a purpose; to give them a voice, to help them find sponsors and to raise money for their life’s work.

Together we can build a tribe of dedicated listeners, “people like us” and there are a lot of us. A Non-Profit podcast network supporting people. People who build schools in the jungles of Guatemala, people who put solar panels on broken down homes on the Navajo reservation. People who walk the deserts of Africa to vaccinate children. People who inspire us.

NonProfit Podcast Network

Dewaga Cooperative is a network of non-profits podcast channels designed to bring the excitement and energy of powerful stories together and use that power to support these people and projects. Dewaga is a Shoshone Indian word for “sharing”, sharing stories, sharing adventures, sharing hearts.

We support people who help people. We are people who help people.