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Rotary Club: Eugene Metropolitan

Project Amigo Mission Statement

1) ACCESS: To help disadvantaged and marginalized children of west-central Mexico achieve their highest potential by enabling education, and by providing material support, enrichment activities and healthcare services not otherwise available to them.

2) SERVICE: To provide opportunities for volunteers from developed countries to render valuable humanitarian service, and to become friends with disadvantaged children and youth in Mexico.

3) FRIENDSHIP: To create and foster friendship and understanding between children and adults from developed countries and their peers in Colima, Mexico.

Education and literacy are powerful keys to enabling a brighter future for the world’s children, who in turn benefit the nations they live in. For nearly three decades, Project Amigo has helped rural children in Mexico continue their formal schooling up to and including college level.

In existence since 1984, and formally as a U.S. 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity since 1996, Project Amigo provides educational scholarships, material support, enrichment activities and preventive and remedial health care to disadvantaged children and youth in Colima state.

Volunteer Work Weeks based at our head-quarters in the beautiful hillside village of Cofradía de Suchitlán allow volunteers from developed countries to engage in humanitarian service and become both friends and sponsors of Mexican children and youth seeking the many advantages of education.

Get Involved

Sponsor a Child (K – 6th) – Support Now

Establish a relationship with a disadvantaged Mexican child that can deepen and expand over the years as that child grows into adulthood. As a sponsor, you will receive a photo of the child and annual updates. If you visit Project Amigo, we will arrange for you to meet your sponsored child. Sponsorship’s fund the Christmas Fiesta, fund an annual field trip, purchase a new set of clothes and a pair of shoes.

Educational Scholarship (7 – 12th) – Support Now

The cost of attending junior high and high school are beyond the means of many rural families. Without scholarships, schooling for the youth served by Project Amigo would end at sixth grade, and they would begin working in menial, low-paying jobs. Through scholarships and donations to our Scholarship Fund, Project Amigo is opening a new future for these children.

University Scholarship – Support Now

Scholarship recipients who successfully complete high school may be eligible for a Project Amigo University and Technical Scholarship to attend educational institutions in Colima, Mexico. With your support, Project Amigo graduates have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and community leaders. When these students enter a profession, they break the cycle of poverty that has imprisoned their family for generations. Your donation to our University and Technical Scholarship Fund opens opportunities these students and their parents have only dreamed about.

Humanitarian Service – Support Now

Each winter, volunteers come to Project Amigo to work, meet the students, and learn more about the people and culture of Mexico. Humanitarian work can include distribution of children’s books to under-served rural schools, interacting with junior high and high school scholarship recipients at their homework clubs, preparations for the annual Christmas Fiesta for 250+ children, distribution of clothing and basic essentials to families in migrant sugar cane camps, or reading and playing with children in schools who need some extra attention.

Corporate Sponsors

Let Project Amigo be your partner in international service, offering a reputable, experienced, and deeply significant humanitarian dimension (not to mention tax benefits) to your corporate mission and portfolio.

Rotary Clubs

Project Amigo owes both its birth and its longevity to the contributions of thousands of Rotarian’s and Rotary clubs. Our mission to change lives through education, literacy and opportunity for international service provides a perfect match for Rotarian’s and Clubs to provide “service above self” significantly, generously, and effectively. Project Amigo’s Board is made up almost entirely of Rotarian’s, and the Executive Director is a long-time Rotarian.

Leave a Bequest

You live your life generously and show your concern for others in numerous ways. That Legacy of caring could cross borders and influence generations. Please consider Project Amigo in your estate planning through a living trust, as beneficiary in a life insurance policy, or another way. Please speak with your financial advisor and let us extend your influence for many years to come.