Rotary Club Registration

Thank you for your interest in joining the Rotary District 5110 Club Income Sharing Program. This is a two step process that should only take about ten minutes.

First, we need some basic information on the club, name, address, where to deposit your check etc.

Once this is complete the information is sent to us for a quick review and approval. This income sharing program is only available to District 5110 clubs so we need to be sure you are one of us.

Once approved you will receive a link to your dashboard where you can download links, banner ads and other “creatives” you can use to start generating income for your club.

Welcome aboard, we are excited to be working with you.

Note: When you click “Submit Application” you might get an error message
“E-Mail Address * is in use” it’s just a gremlin in the system, please disregard it your form has been submited and you can close the window. Once your application is approved you will get an email with your login and password.