Frequently Asked Questions

B2B is an abbreviation of “Business to Business.” It’s mostly used to define a relationship between two businesses. Business to business marketing. This is a business directory for Rotary clubs in Oregon doing business with other Rotarians. It’s a way for Rotarians to find and work with each other and for people to find businesses that follow a strict code of ethics that they can trust.

There are a couple of reasons you might consider joining the Business to Business Directory.

First, so other Rotarians can find your business and work with you.

Second, to let your current and future clients know that as a Rotarian you adhere to a higher ethical standard. Trust is the one thing people look for the most when they decide to work with any business.

This is also a way to help the district and your club find new members. “attracting not recruiting.”

Many of us have home businesses but for the directory to be effective you need to be “on the map.” The easiest way to protect your privacy and make the directory work for you is to enter your city, state and zipcode. The map marker will go to your post office, not your address. If you want something close you could add your street but not the address.

Scraping is when a robot scans a website and collects emails for spammers. The directory uses antispambot software that helps stop the spammers.

“It works by converting selected email addresses characters to HTML entities to block spam bots. Not all characters in the email address are converted: the selection is random and changes each time the function is called.”

Probably too much information but thought you might like to know.

All listings, free and otherwise, expire one year from the time it is posted. Two weeks before the expiration date you will receive a notice to renew. If you choose not to renew the listing expires automatically.

If you do not claim or ask us to remove your listing it will stay in the directory one year from the date it was posted. Then it will be automatically removed.

Your listing will only have the basic information we had on file – no image, no description, no features. It’s really easy to claim your listing add some details and take advantage of the power of the business directory. And it’s FREE.

No, uploading the listings was a one time only courtesy. All new members within District 5110 can have a free listing in the directory. It’s really easy to add your listing, select free or one of the paid options and it will be in the directory for the whole year.

We take your privacy very seriously. The only information we were free to use is you publically available business information. If you did not include your business information in DACdb we were not able to add it to the directory. You still have a free listing and it is easy to add it yourself.

The paid listings have several benefits; more images, a slideshow, more locations, videos, etc.

Your fee also lets us market the directory. Our goal is to get the District directory to the top of the search engine results for your business or service in your town. To get you ahead of your competition. Your listing fee lets us do the marketing we need to so we can reach this goal.

Our goal is to get the B2B Directory on the first page of the search results for your business in your town.

First, to get you ahead of your competition but also to get Rotary and all we stand for front and center. Top-o-Mind. Just like Coka-Cola and all the other successful brands, impressions count. If people see us every time they do a search it builds trust and familiarity. It shows who we are, that we care and maybe they might join us.

But this takes time and dedication. If we don’t have the will it ain’t going to happen. It’s that simple.

We are very glad to be sharing this great adventure in service with you. However, the directory is exclusively for District 5110 businesses. We would be glad to help you create a directory for your club, district or zone. Let us know what we can do to help.