5110 Business Opportunities​

Rotary District 5110 believes in our businesses. Together we are the backbone of our communities. Just take a look at all the markers on the map, That alone speaks volumes.

"I am "all in" on the program. It is a great program and should be of interest to our members. During these challenging times, it can be a way to both connect and promote our members. On a long term view, helping with a Search Engine Optimization is what everyone is looking for to create opportunities. Helping our Rotarians to learn Podcast is another win win scenario."
Rick Olson
District 5110 Governor

The Business to Business Directory

We support each other by doing business with our fellow Rotarians. But I can’t do business with you or you can’t work with me unless I/we know you exist. This directory does two things; it tells all of us where you are and what you do. And it lets the world know that we are people of the 4-Way Test, we can be trusted and we are great people to work with.

So list your business in the directory.

Business Directory


One of the most powerful marketing tools today is podcasting. Unlike video, where your audience is passive, audio is active and visual. You don’t have to set down and commit to it, you can listen any time and any place.

We are building a podcast channel for the directory and looking for twenty businesses who want to be the first to get their message out using this marketing tool.

If you’re interested drop us a line at team@5110b2b.org

Online Workshops

In the next few weeks we will be launching two online workshops to help you market your business or explore an income opportunity. They are Search Engine Engine Optimization (SEO) and Podcasting. Both are powerful marketing tools and high paying, high demand businesses.

To find out more you can take our survey at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/LWXDMM9 It’s only three questions.

online workshops

Telling Our Stories

There is a Cooperative that is building a podcast channel to collect stories about service projects, your projects. The goal is to build a central “repository” or directory so that when someone wants to start a project like yours they can learn from your experience, and vice-versa.

The site is True Stories From The Field and it’s just getting started. This is a demo site and there is a quick survey so you can help create a tool that will work for everyone.